2016-2017 Basile Baudez: A Civic Utopia

(This event took place on Thursday, 8 December 2016.)

Basile Baudez is an architectural historian, specialist of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, and co-curator of this exhibition currently on display at the Courtauld Gallery (8 October 2016 – 8 January 2017). He will speak about the aims and objectives of the exhibition, as well as the curatorial experience of preparing it.

From the Courtauld Gallery: “This exhibition considers the place of architecture in establishing the notion of public life. It brings together an outstanding selection of architectural drawings of public building and public space in France that pursued the Enlightenment idea of a ‘scientific’ city, expressing rational, hygienic and symbolic expressions of an ideal civic life. Focusing on the spaces of everyday life rather than grand and largely unbuilt urban schemes, the display features drawings for a wide range of new public buildings and settings, including city markets, exchange halls, prisons, parks, abbatoirs, hospitals and cemeteries.”


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