2016-2017 Mel Gooding: The Blind Photographer

(This event took place on Tuesday, 15 November 2016.)

The Queen Mary Visual Cultures Forum is delighted to welcome author Mel Gooding, editor of The Blind Photographer.

The Blind Photographer (Redstone Press, 2016) is an exhilarating book exploring the photography of blind and partially sighted artists from around the world. Mel Gooding will present and discuss the photographs in the collection and explore the paradox that it is sight itself that seems sharpened by blindness.

Praise for The Blind Photographer:

“A revelation….. They capture a feeling about the world and their relationship to it through photography which is often as elegant and compelling as sighted photographers. It is not only a great surprise but very life assuring.” MARTIN PARR

“The best thing to do with stereotypes and pre-conceptions is to challenge them, and this book The Blind Photographer does just that … Visions are not seen purely by the eyes but through the spirit.” STEVIE WONDER

Articles on and Reviews of The Blind Photographer:




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